Thursday, May 8, 2008


So Life keeps getting in the way of way; but for 4 days - last month! - I got to play with grandkids; Crystal, who I hadn't seen in 6 years, Kyle and my "step" grandson, Travis. ISo here are the three beginning the visit - can you guess which one is the tallest?
She is really an interesting young lady and we went shopping and shopping.

Then there was the bowling where everyone got into the picture.

Laurie and Eric -

Crystal and Aunt Laurie

Me and Crystal

Crystal and Kyle then Crystal and Travis

and finally one day an afternoon at the pool at Eric's mother's apt.

After a day or two she ventured to get between the boys, but they were the same kids and loads of fun. They stayed in the water and I was on the side and we had a "pitch the water soaked ball" contest and I'd thow it at them and they had to return it as fast as they could. Got a whole series of those pixs but won't bore you at all. Some great action shots of them leaping for the ball - what you don't see is how I got wet because they thought it was funny not to squeeze the water out of the ball first! It was great.

The kids got along great together and Travis and Crystal hit it off REALLY well. Awe teenagers! Anyway, wanted to FINALLY get some info up....about her visit. The rest of my life...well, maybe I will write a short story some day but today isn't it.
So I did get some of the pixs posted and it seemed like a long, tedious process. Must be an easier way but too hungry now to try and figure it out. Hope you enjoy a look at the kids and the beautiful blue "pool" water! Smiles from Sunny Tucson
P.S. What I didn't mention is Crystal is 4'11" and the spitting image of her mother; Travis is about 2" taller, maybe and the image of his Dad and Kyle is 6'3" and we're not sure who he looks like through all the facial hair. Interesting brunch of kids. Loved every second!


Monday, April 14, 2008


Well, don't ever let anyone tell you life can't change in a blink. When I got up this a.m. I was preparing to spend the weekend play Grandma-Mom to Kyle while Laurie & Eric were in Vegas at the Expo. Fast forward.....Steven called, "Mom, how would you like Crystal for 4 days this coming weekend?" Now let me tell you, the last time I saw Crystal no one liked her, sad to say, me included. She was a self-centered, spoiled "Daddy's Girl" who had no respect for anyone and knew she could get whatever she wanted whenever she wanted simply by asking 'Daddy'. Steven even admitted he was responsible for the monster I called a granddaughter. She was about 9 or 10 then. Well today she is 15 and we have emailed sporadically over the last couple of years and, be praised, she has matured and, in her emails at least, seems to have mellowed significantly and seems like she might actually have turned from monster to human! Anyway, guess I'll find out soon because when I come off my shift as Grandma-Mom to Kyle on Thursday at about 8 p.m. I'll be picking up the mantel of Grandma-Mom to his 15 year old cousin, my granddaughter, Crystal. Truth be told - I AM STOKED - Spending 4 days with my 15 year old granddaughter I have not seen in 5 years (and whose behavior I couldn't stand). I AM STOKED. What a gift. Have no clue what we will do. Laurie wasn't as excited as me because she will be exhausted from Vegas and she moves right back into work and that is the weekend Eric's son (Travis) is with them so she doesn't know how much time she'll have with Crystal, but I AM STOKED!!! I figure the girl will just have to adapt to my life and we will do what we can. I intend to have her work with me a bit and to try and find out if one of my helpers can work on Saturday for me (my 11 hours shift). Going to do what I always the Universe and know all will be perfect and in right order. This should be very interesting! (Oh, and the reason for this sudden visit; Steve is taking his wife (Sharon) to Niagara Falls for their 23rd wedding anniversary and Steve doesn't want to leave Crystal home "alone" (forget her two remaining brothers at home-the other two are preparing to leave for Afghanistan in August - taking after their Uncle Kenneth and joined the Army-gives me a chill) because Steve thinks she "might be getting interested in boys now!" Fathers are always the last to get it. I told him she probably has been for the last couple of years but he says no. Fathers with 1 daughter in 5 kids can be very funny-poor deluded guy! Love him. Anyway, that is how I started this day. WoW

Sunday, April 13, 2008


Okay - starting tomorrow at about 1 p.m. I get to be Grandma-Mom until later Thursday. Hope I'm up to this. Laurie & Eric are going to a Retail Expo in Vegas for our business (you know me and traveling-yuk!) and so I get to cover her shift at the shop. I will be working 10 am to 4 pm Tues, Wed & Thurs AFTER I get Kyle off to school, then after my shift at the shop I go to their house to make sure he does his homework and all that after school stuff then I get to run to my house and check in on and walk my two dogs, check my mail and makes sure all is in order there then back to his house to get us dinner. On Tuesday he gets his guitar lessons and on Wednesday I managed to get my massage in. I think by Thursday afternoon I will be more than happy to let Laurie be full-time Mom again. I am ready and willing to take on this assignment, besides it is temporary. Afterall, I'm not as young as I used to be and besides, notwithstanding I've done this all before, I like being free of all that hard work! LOL Truth - I love my time with Kyle even if it is hectic and definitely pulls on my energy reserves. For me it is one of the greatest gifts I have to be able to be so much a part of his life and have been since I was blessed enought to be there when he literally drew his first breath. So, today I plan on taking full advantage of my time and my type of play because I won't get back to it again until Friday. Hope my dogs understand...they are not used to sleeping alone in the house. Of well, they know they will get special treats for their sacrifces while I play Grandma-Mom.....I am soooooo bad! Later world....


Wednesday, April 9, 2008


World - Herbert, Herbert the world!

Pix is not great but he is...had him about 5 years now and he is actually 5' long, plus some. His color is really a very beautiful coral and he is a genetically bred corn snake. He luves mice and is a very curious critter. His body is soft and, although I do not take him out as much as I would like to (my grip isn't as good as it used to be and if he slips away he becomes a toy for Sam & Simon) I do pet him and move him around in his home. He is an excellent listener and we have a little chat each morning & evening. Anyway, good morning world and here is just one part of my little family here in my desert home. Smiles, Me


Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Each Breath is a Gift...

and I don't believe I have been honoring that gift. Why do I say that? Well, to me breath represents life and as my new motto implies, I have been breathing but not living-maybe existing but not living. So with that was this day?

A mixture of frustration and relaxation. I was working on my taxes this morning (actually have been doing so for 3 days now) and finally just decided to go with whatever it says. I have no clue if they are right but I did the best I could. Problem is: No. 1 - the "little" business I started with Laurie. From my perspective it is just a fun little thing that we do and get to play store. I don't make any money - we don't even get a salary - and I just put money into it when needed. My money mind you, not someone elses. But for some reason the IRS consideres me self-employed and I had all these extra things to calculate. Like I said I finally just gave up and said, here it is - the best I can do - and I'll deal with whatever may happen. I don't really think anything will but better to feel that way now than worry. No. 2 - for anyone else out there that may be retiring and has an IRA - your retirement money is not considered "earned income." Why is that important you ask? Because you cannot contribute to an IRA for more than you make in earned income. Retirement money is not "earned" (but it is taxable!) and as a result, all the money I put into my IRA last year (thousands - in the low numbers but thousands) is considered as "non-deductible and therefore unless I withdraw it all before the 15th I have a penalty imposed against it by the IRS. Now tell me, if my income is not "earned" then what the heck is it. I put in a lot of years and my own money to get it now. Believe me I earned it! Anyway, tomorrow I go to the credit union and undo all the money juggling I did last Friday and close my IRA and my IRA-CD and then have to figure out - now what do I do with that money? Maybe I'll just play with it - let me see; a spa - a beauty make-over - a new toy...who knows. I'll let you know when I do.

Now the relaxation. I had a massage this afternoon with a wonderful masseuse and energy worker. What brought me to him was a scare I had about 3+ weeks ago. I thought I had a heart attack and really got a wake up call. I didn't, it was stress but the end result was - no more! Let's face it, I am closer to leaving this Earth than I am to newly exploring it. That is part of what brought me to the place where I made a choice. I am getting back to who I am; my core and foundation. I had lost that. I am taking care of me. I found Jessvan and because of his gentleness and incredible healing ability, I made arrangements for 4 massages with him. After that I'll decide if I continue bi-weekly or monthly but I will continue. I got a new look yesterday, as a side note, with a simple haircut and I love, love, love it. I feel more alive and younger, not just inside but outside too.

Okay, that is just one of my days and I figured it was a rather good place to start this blog. Hi to all out there and have a great evening. Remember to breath. Smiles, Me